Homemade Goodness

I have been buying fresh cows milk for the last couple weeks and boy have we been enjoying that!!  I love seeing all the cream that rises to the top of my glass milk jug. I asked my mother what can I make with all this cream and she said—“BUTTER” so that has been something we are perfecting, after it sits outside in a glass quart jar for about 16-24 hours and gets all good and sour its time to churn it…she ( my mother) shakes her jar til it forms butter but I use my Kitchen-aid mixer  letting it do all the work for me!!  This link from Pinterest was the one my mother used to make her butter she followed the instructions and we have been enjoying our wonderful butter


This is the link I pinned for making butter in a mixer


Its so easy and you will be amazed at how good it tastes compared to store bought butter…Enjoy and let me know how it turns out!

Be Blessed and Be Thankful for a  Farmer for Fresh Milk!!

Lori:)Today I am Thankful

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